Monday, May 3, 2010

My best friend's birthday weekend!

On 1st may, my best friend's birthday.
She asked me: Why are you dressed up, you seems more like the birthday girl!

So, I actually wore one of my favourite skirt and a new denim ribbon head band (which I struggled to wear it not cause it's not something I've tried before)

Denim ribbon hair band: Heeren
Ruffled top: Mum's closet (*giggles*)
Floral skirt: Far East

And yesterday, I met up with my best friend along with another to watch an awesome Chinese movie, Ip Man2! And my theme for yesterday was: If I were a boy.

Why do I say so?
It is because, the colour combination is the way I like a guy wearing it. Usually guys who wear light denim colour shirt along with a beige pants or jeans, will attract my attention!

Shirt: GAP (Stole it from mum's closet again and officially mine)
Double buckle belt: Forever21
Pants: Zipia (2nd tribute since I created this blog)

I look exhausted right? I had insomnia before that day and actually dread to go out. Before going out, I was still thinking to put on any head band but realised I do not have any to match..

Guess what? I bought one after movie and wore it immediately!

One new interest added: Head band.