Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I finally snipped off all the strands of troubles :>

I know I looked very mature cause Agnes, my hairstylist actually helped me to style it that way. Heh. The curls are temporary cause it's done using the roller however, I'm glad that I've been receiving positive responses.

School is taking a toll on me and I do not have any time to do other thing I love :<

Sunday, July 25, 2010

10th Year Anniversary

One piece - Guangzhou, China
Bag - Baggu
Long socks - Uniqlo
Sneakers - Jeju, Korea

I went to Jay Chou 10th Year Anniversary concert yesterday and it's awesome! Pretty much like every few moments we'll see the 4D(Yes, 4, not 3 anymore) effects on the stage.

Initially I wanted to tie a bun but after some thoughts I realised, my bun may "affect" my movement when the high atmosphere kicks in! Heheheh. I think occasionally dress in this way will make me look younger (I'm not old either) cause it has bright colors combination and I seldom hop into my black sneakers!

I guess I'm really into trying on different kind of hairstyles but I may snip off to shoulder length very soon. I shall try all the possible ones before I .. . in fact, I'm still struggling to or not to snip it off.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Let's go crazy!

Drape top: Guangzhou, China
Frills Dress: Myeong-dong, Korea
Belt: Forever 21
Accessories: Topshop & Forever 21

I'm not a person who is always partying during Wednesdays and weekends so I do not have any specifically clothes for clubbing. That day I was just thinking to wear a drape top, wanted to pair with my denim but to realise.. it's nowhere to be seen! So I paired it up with my inner frill dress (one of my favorites)! I tied a high bun and guess what, my friends were saying I'm so easy to notice since I'm tall and with that hairstyle, it's oh-so-easy to spot me in the crowd.

It was a real fun night cause who went clubbing with their superiors before? It's real entertaining and Yoda-san sure can do break dance! Too bad, I didn't get the chance to see Arao-san on the dance floor. Oh well, shall see is there any post on clubbing anymore? :)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

New accessory.

Fake 2 piece top: Guangzhou, China
Bottom: Guangzhou, China

This picture was taken after I reached singapore less than an hour. It was really bad cause my hair was messy and I'm exhausted from my 6D5N trip. Love the new bottom as it's a real comfortable material that make me feel less warm cause the weather in Guangzhou is close to 37degree Celsius in the afternoon!

Tank top: Topshop
Top: Zara
Bottom: Zara

Probably one of my favourite look for June! It's really comfy but the problem is, wearing two layers sometimes may be a lil too warm. However the weather in Singapore is forever fluctuating.. I heard that the day I left Singapore, it has been raining but I'm pespiring like crazy in China. Life haha!

This is a wig bought by my cousin's wife and I played around with it. Wig can be an accessory to most of us but it can also be a necessity to some people. Should I get one? So I can have such bangs anytime instead of worrying it's gonna prick my eye when it gets longer or what.

P:S Pardon my act cute pose :D

Monday, June 21, 2010

To cover

Top: Myeong-dong, Korea
Vest: Muji
Denim: Uniqlo
Bracelet: Forever 21
Bag & Shoe: Topshop

Casual outing with my cousins and the purpose of wearing that "baggy" top is not to show my bloated tummy! I paired with my skinny denim so I won't look like some hot air balloon on street.

Gonna be out of town from 29th June to 4th July to Guangzhou, China. I'm excited to see what's going on trend there and probably get some summer clothes(i feel like laughing typing this) from there.

Monday, May 3, 2010

My best friend's birthday weekend!

On 1st may, my best friend's birthday.
She asked me: Why are you dressed up, you seems more like the birthday girl!

So, I actually wore one of my favourite skirt and a new denim ribbon head band (which I struggled to wear it not cause it's not something I've tried before)

Denim ribbon hair band: Heeren
Ruffled top: Mum's closet (*giggles*)
Floral skirt: Far East

And yesterday, I met up with my best friend along with another to watch an awesome Chinese movie, Ip Man2! And my theme for yesterday was: If I were a boy.

Why do I say so?
It is because, the colour combination is the way I like a guy wearing it. Usually guys who wear light denim colour shirt along with a beige pants or jeans, will attract my attention!

Shirt: GAP (Stole it from mum's closet again and officially mine)
Double buckle belt: Forever21
Pants: Zipia (2nd tribute since I created this blog)

I look exhausted right? I had insomnia before that day and actually dread to go out. Before going out, I was still thinking to put on any head band but realised I do not have any to match..

Guess what? I bought one after movie and wore it immediately!

One new interest added: Head band.

Thursday, April 29, 2010


Top: Myeong-dong, Korea
High waisted belt: Forever21
Shorts: G2000

Smile: Priceless

Messy room with messy pose but a good hair day.
Love how the camera caught my supposed to be hidden behind camera's smile.
I couldn't express how much I love chiffon and I'm dying to get more even though my wardrobe is exploding (As in the door really can't close tight! Urgh, shoot me!).

A promise to myself: Only to get things that I really need so in the future, it's a wardrobe full of surprises, versatile and a lovely story behind each piece of clothing.

Hereby, I would like to say a Big Thank you to Michelle for the awesome beige shorts from Zara today.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Denim Craze

This is Dolce & Gabanna SpringSummer 2010, one of the best looks I'm digging into!
I love how the denim shirt matches with the skirt and the belt is absolutely amazing!

Let us all be the urban cowgirls!

This is Marc by Marc Jacobs SpringSummer 2010 Sneakers that I've been eye-ing ever since I saw it on the CanCam (Japanese) magazine I read..

Top: Pull & Bear
Skinny: Zipia
Bag: Topshop
Oxford shoe: Topshop

This was what I wore just now to meet up with a friend.. Our initial plan is to catch a movie but it's already not showing (*screams!*). I dragged my foot to sing Karaoke with her afterwards.. I really adore my oxford shoes but can you stop making me suffer? :( It's going against my golden rule: Comfort.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What a pity!

In Singapore, we're having 365 days of Summer and the usual rainy season.

However, another pity I'm facing in Singapore now is... not having H&M here yet! Hey, what's up now, we've Bershka, Steve Madden, New Look and all but, when is H&M coming here!

As a religious reader of, I'm always envying people tagging their items in H&M, moreover in their Garden Collection!

This is a style I've created using the site's style guide.. awwwwwww, i love the shorts very much!
I know it's crazy to match denim jacket and denim shorts but what's there to stop you from trying something new? The cutting of the blouse is also blowing my mind! I love such sleeves recently but in chiffon material.

Another style I'm hyped about recently is, replacing belts with scarves and I bet it's gonna be gorgeous!

The floral shoe reminds me of a shoe I saw on "Sweet" (a japanese magazine) on an article bout Jeffrey Campbell shoes. Guess what? There's no retailer for Jeffrey Campbell either! On another note, the above 5 items adds up about $875hkd which is around $160sgd. Tell me about it! Who is there to tell me we shouldn't have H&M here! The nearest place to get will be Hongkong which is where I planned to go with my best friend this coming Summer! However, it all depends whether she's able to get a Pass for all her coming examinations. Awww, miserable me.

Another reality check, the online shop, is not in English and there's no chances for me to purchase any.

Monday, April 12, 2010


My mum and I are still grieving over Poland's plane crash after reading the newspaper.
To Poland, it's a nation sorrow, but to us, it should be another lesson learnt. Everyday it might happen things that are least expected, let's cherish our life as much as possible.

Let's mourn for this tragic.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

When stripe socks gets together

It was a sunny afternoon when relatives are busy preparing for my nephew Troy's First Month celebration.

Let me introduce the one behind the camera!

Cropped hoodie: Zipia
Top: Uniqlo
Boyfriend jeans: Uniqlo
Yellowwww bag: Rockstar by Soonlee
Stripe socks: Uniqlo
Canvas shoe: Muji

My favorite shot, showcasing every single detail except my double buckle belt from Forever21. One of my favorite belts, or maybe I should start thinking how should I wear it to make it distinctive! I couldn't explain the love towards huge variety of socks,from toes socks, ankle socks, long socks, knee socks and etc. It might be a fetish for now or it may be a necessity from today onwards!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Raindrops bang like rocks on my windowpane

Hello, this is just a platform for myself to keep track my favorite outfits and sharing my views.

I always wonder why some people will never mention where they get their fashion item. It always goes like this in their blog entry "I don't understand why is that person copying me, I wear tunic with leggings, she also wear that! Can't she get a life by not wearing exactly the same thing I'm wearing?" However, I don't think we're the trendsetter and everyone have their right to wear what she thinks it's nice! In another view, isn't it a compliment?

In my personal opinion, everyone is unique and style is the way you carry yourself.

We may not be able to pull off every single seasonal item but my priority in dressing is: comfort.

Jacket: Uniqlo
Stole: Uniqlo
Top: Zara TRF
Bottom: Zipia
Shoe: Topshop
Bag: Polo Ralph Lauren

It was a rainy saturday night!
Probably one of my favourite outfit after so long :)

P:S It's my first time taking such photo and in a shopping mall! I look awkward I know :p