Sunday, July 25, 2010

10th Year Anniversary

One piece - Guangzhou, China
Bag - Baggu
Long socks - Uniqlo
Sneakers - Jeju, Korea

I went to Jay Chou 10th Year Anniversary concert yesterday and it's awesome! Pretty much like every few moments we'll see the 4D(Yes, 4, not 3 anymore) effects on the stage.

Initially I wanted to tie a bun but after some thoughts I realised, my bun may "affect" my movement when the high atmosphere kicks in! Heheheh. I think occasionally dress in this way will make me look younger (I'm not old either) cause it has bright colors combination and I seldom hop into my black sneakers!

I guess I'm really into trying on different kind of hairstyles but I may snip off to shoulder length very soon. I shall try all the possible ones before I .. . in fact, I'm still struggling to or not to snip it off.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Let's go crazy!

Drape top: Guangzhou, China
Frills Dress: Myeong-dong, Korea
Belt: Forever 21
Accessories: Topshop & Forever 21

I'm not a person who is always partying during Wednesdays and weekends so I do not have any specifically clothes for clubbing. That day I was just thinking to wear a drape top, wanted to pair with my denim but to realise.. it's nowhere to be seen! So I paired it up with my inner frill dress (one of my favorites)! I tied a high bun and guess what, my friends were saying I'm so easy to notice since I'm tall and with that hairstyle, it's oh-so-easy to spot me in the crowd.

It was a real fun night cause who went clubbing with their superiors before? It's real entertaining and Yoda-san sure can do break dance! Too bad, I didn't get the chance to see Arao-san on the dance floor. Oh well, shall see is there any post on clubbing anymore? :)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

New accessory.

Fake 2 piece top: Guangzhou, China
Bottom: Guangzhou, China

This picture was taken after I reached singapore less than an hour. It was really bad cause my hair was messy and I'm exhausted from my 6D5N trip. Love the new bottom as it's a real comfortable material that make me feel less warm cause the weather in Guangzhou is close to 37degree Celsius in the afternoon!

Tank top: Topshop
Top: Zara
Bottom: Zara

Probably one of my favourite look for June! It's really comfy but the problem is, wearing two layers sometimes may be a lil too warm. However the weather in Singapore is forever fluctuating.. I heard that the day I left Singapore, it has been raining but I'm pespiring like crazy in China. Life haha!

This is a wig bought by my cousin's wife and I played around with it. Wig can be an accessory to most of us but it can also be a necessity to some people. Should I get one? So I can have such bangs anytime instead of worrying it's gonna prick my eye when it gets longer or what.

P:S Pardon my act cute pose :D