Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Raindrops bang like rocks on my windowpane

Hello, this is just a platform for myself to keep track my favorite outfits and sharing my views.

I always wonder why some people will never mention where they get their fashion item. It always goes like this in their blog entry "I don't understand why is that person copying me, I wear tunic with leggings, she also wear that! Can't she get a life by not wearing exactly the same thing I'm wearing?" However, I don't think we're the trendsetter and everyone have their right to wear what she thinks it's nice! In another view, isn't it a compliment?

In my personal opinion, everyone is unique and style is the way you carry yourself.

We may not be able to pull off every single seasonal item but my priority in dressing is: comfort.

Jacket: Uniqlo
Stole: Uniqlo
Top: Zara TRF
Bottom: Zipia
Shoe: Topshop
Bag: Polo Ralph Lauren

It was a rainy saturday night!
Probably one of my favourite outfit after so long :)

P:S It's my first time taking such photo and in a shopping mall! I look awkward I know :p

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