Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What a pity!

In Singapore, we're having 365 days of Summer and the usual rainy season.

However, another pity I'm facing in Singapore now is... not having H&M here yet! Hey, what's up now, we've Bershka, Steve Madden, New Look and all but, when is H&M coming here!

As a religious reader of, I'm always envying people tagging their items in H&M, moreover in their Garden Collection!

This is a style I've created using the site's style guide.. awwwwwww, i love the shorts very much!
I know it's crazy to match denim jacket and denim shorts but what's there to stop you from trying something new? The cutting of the blouse is also blowing my mind! I love such sleeves recently but in chiffon material.

Another style I'm hyped about recently is, replacing belts with scarves and I bet it's gonna be gorgeous!

The floral shoe reminds me of a shoe I saw on "Sweet" (a japanese magazine) on an article bout Jeffrey Campbell shoes. Guess what? There's no retailer for Jeffrey Campbell either! On another note, the above 5 items adds up about $875hkd which is around $160sgd. Tell me about it! Who is there to tell me we shouldn't have H&M here! The nearest place to get will be Hongkong which is where I planned to go with my best friend this coming Summer! However, it all depends whether she's able to get a Pass for all her coming examinations. Awww, miserable me.

Another reality check, the online shop, is not in English and there's no chances for me to purchase any.

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