Sunday, July 25, 2010

10th Year Anniversary

One piece - Guangzhou, China
Bag - Baggu
Long socks - Uniqlo
Sneakers - Jeju, Korea

I went to Jay Chou 10th Year Anniversary concert yesterday and it's awesome! Pretty much like every few moments we'll see the 4D(Yes, 4, not 3 anymore) effects on the stage.

Initially I wanted to tie a bun but after some thoughts I realised, my bun may "affect" my movement when the high atmosphere kicks in! Heheheh. I think occasionally dress in this way will make me look younger (I'm not old either) cause it has bright colors combination and I seldom hop into my black sneakers!

I guess I'm really into trying on different kind of hairstyles but I may snip off to shoulder length very soon. I shall try all the possible ones before I .. . in fact, I'm still struggling to or not to snip it off.

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