Thursday, October 6, 2011


I had a wonderful trip with my friends during this summer vacation, I only had 9 days to "rest" right after my exams ended and it's my 23 days escapism trip to China, Hongkong and Macau.

White top: Guangzhou, China
Shorts: Pull&Bear
Shoes: DKNYJeans

So we had an early flight and we all had to reach around 6am in the morning. I thought wearing shorts will be great to face the scorching sun in Shanghai however...

Cardigan: Zipia

It's weather fluctuated badly! By the time I reached the city, I think it has already dropped till 21-4degrees which it shouldn't be. I wore my unbalanced cardigan but it doesn't work as the wind still "blow" right through my tights.

Jacket: Zara (Renhui's)
Top: Muji
Shorts & Beanie: Forever 21

The unexpected weather makes me feel like dumping my luggage as I was suggested by my friends not to bring jeans! Thank god I brought one but the rest were just shorts, short sleeve tops and sadly, one thin cardigan. We went to a old jazzy' feel pub at Fairmont Hotel and we probably are one of them distinctive ones with real casual outfit..

Jeans: Topshop
Grey tote & scarf (!): H&M

Shanghai has an enormous 4 stories H&M at their central and I got myself a scarf to survive through the windy, rainy, cold weather in Shanghai. However, due to the unforeseen circumstances and due to the fact that it's supposed to be hot during Summer, I can't find a proper jacket for me to survive the cold. Poor me :'(

Dress: Zipia
Jacket(!): Shanghai, China
Bag: Editor's Market
Babes: Jean & Renhui <3

I walked around with my purple umbrella that I bought when I saw the pouring rain and I always tie my scarf onto my bag in anycase the weather trynna play a joke on us again. A better view of the jacket will be shown later! I love it so muchhhhhh.

Beige top: Far East
Shorts: Zipia
Shoes: Topshop
Bag: River Island (Renhui's)

This was taken at Nanjing, weather was pretty much stablized but its still suicidal to bear my legs and explains the weird combi.. When we travelled back to Wuxi, we went to a shop that sells japanese inspired clothes, I was really lazy to wore my leggings on again. On the way home, the wind blows right into every inch of skin. Regret much!!

Told ya! The jacket is an awesome two-colored/material that is warm enough from the morning breeze. I couldn't recall how much I've spent on it, worth every single penny!

Top: Uniqlo
Sunglasses (!): H&M

It was a fine day at Suzhou, a beautiful city with unique bus stops. As you can see, I'm not wearing a jacket anymore but always prepared ;)

And I brought a new brown enlarged pupil contact lens from SG, definitely. I threw it away on the 5th day at Hongkong. It's amazingly drying for my eyes :S

Top(!): Shanghai,China

I remember that day we were walking around Wuxi, bought our drinks at Carrefour.. Went to bookstores, had a cuppa Starbucks Strawberry Soymilk that we dig so much! It's really relaxing and that's maybe my 16 or 17th day in China already.

Anyway I shall do a better justice to this top as it's actually a "cape" top and it can actually be worn 2 different ways. It only cost around, like 80RMB? Less than SGD$20. Great buy.

Top(!): H&M
Scarf(!): Stradivarus
Bottom(!): Honey, Wuxi, China
Smile: Awkwardly priced

(!) means it's newly bought at China and I bought all these just to wear it together for my.......


I shouldn't have worn this pair of shoes and jacket but I don't have the time to ransack my luggage for my beige flats as I just traveled from Wuxi to Shanghai. Guess what, it's 19degrees that day and how did I know that? That street has a huge "thermometer" on an apparel building that shows the current weather. Awesome!

Overall, I could have brought better, warm clothes for the weather but my luggage wouldnt have weighed that "light" when I left for Hongkong and Macau. It's a memorable trip as we didn't use maps at all in China and we conquered provinces with our adequate Mandarin..

And all thanks to my Hongkong friends for bringing me around and I met many nice peeps who don't mind spending time with us to places they probably won't go (again&again).

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