Thursday, October 6, 2011

The sky is crying for Steve Jobs absence.

White tank: Forever 21
Blue hoodie: Zipia
Grey hoodie: Uniqlo
Sky: Cloudy

Our legend, Mr Steven Paul Jobs has passed on today peacefully according to the family. Thank you for your presence, you have changed everyone's life by your incredible innovation. I had sent my tribute message to, so you can do it too :)

So today after my lecture, there's a sudden downpour which makes me putting on 3 layers and some people were staring at me....... for what sake? I have no idea, I only knew that I'm feeling cold and I needed an extra piece on me.

Anyway Kudos to Jeremy Scott x Adidas 2012 Preview items, I love the Elmo one alotttt! How adorable! I'm gonna read my japanese magazine and off to sleep.

Yours truly from Singapore, currently only at 26degrees.

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